Water Line Repair

Expert Leak Repair, Pipe Replacement and Water Line Replacement

Professional water line repair delivers peace of mind about the safety of your water. Water lines bring water from the supply line to your home. When there’s a leak or break from tree root intrusions or natural aging, you may notice discoloration of your water, unexplained puddles in your yard or a complete loss of your water supply. With our expert plumbing services, your water line can be fixed properly the first time backed by our workmanship guarantee.

Don’t risk water quality and costly repairs with damaged water lines.
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Excavating to Locate the Leak

Once our plumbers locate the leak, we dig the area to uncover the pipe. When pipes are hidden under driveways or other manmade surfaces, we prevent damaging their surface by digging around and underneath. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of your property and to use minimally invasive excavation methods. Exposing the leak allows us to determine whether water line repair or replacement is the best course of action, and we’ll provide honest answers and knowledgeable  explanations every time.

Water Line Repairs Inside Your Home

When water lines and pipes are under the home, our plumbers have the knowledge and equipment to excavate and install a full water line replacement. If water line pipes are leaking above ground or near electrical units, we fix promptly and properly to deliver long-term results.

Superior Water Pipe Solutions

At Helton Plumbing, our plumbers will treat you and your property with respect throughout your water line replacement and repair project, ensuring that your pipes flow freely when we leave. Our team is comprised of licensed plumbers, not subcontractors, so you can always count on seeing a familiar face.

You can count on us to ensure the health and safety of your water lines.
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