Gas Line Repair

Quality Gas Line Replacement and Leak Repair

Professional gas line repair is the only way to ensure safety for your family. Although gas lines run throughout your home, transferring clean energy to appliances like water heaters, stoves, clothes dryers and furnaces, gas line repair needs often arise unexpectedly and urgently. When you need help, the safest choice is to call the professionals at Helton Plumbing who can make the difference between years of repeat service calls or long-lasting systems.

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Water Heater Gas Lines

The unfortunate reality is that hot water heaters often require replacement at least once during the lifetime of your home. Whether you’re facing damaged lines or need to install gas plumbing for a new unit, we can help. Our expert plumbers can safely install gas lines for more energy-efficient water heaters.

Kitchen Gas Lines

Cooktop preferences range from gas to electric. When you’re looking to make a switch, our licensed plumbers can install natural gas lines to the unit of your choice. Although new lines are typically routed through walls, basements or crawl spaces for less disruption, we also offer to repair or replace damaged existing lines in older homes.

Furnace Gas Lines

Gas furnaces are more energy efficient than electric units. If you’re replacing an older electric furnace, the cost of new gas line installation can be easily recovered by energy bill savings.

Safety and Reliability

Only a licensed, bonded and insured plumber should address gas line repairs and replacements. Before installing any new appliance, our expert plumbers check the entire run for corrosion, leaks and other potential damages. Although a prior installation may have an older gas line shut-off valve, our gas line professionals can replace it with a new reliable valve.

We ensure quality work and first-time fixes by taking all necessary precautions:

  • Double-checking our work by testing for leaks after making the final connections
  • Re-checking the entire installation
  • Bleeding excess air from the gas lines to ensure a perfect flame and operation

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