Plumbing Installation & Replacement

Professional Fixture Replacement for Plumbing Upgrades

Plumbing installation and replacement for bathroom and kitchen upgrades are one of our specialties. At Helton Plumbing, our knowledgeable team is familiar with the best plumbing replacement practices for all major brands. As a rule, we only make recommendations to affordable products that will last. Whether the job requires a new toilet installation or a new tub, our experts provide friendly, efficient service done right the very first time.

If you’re ready to upgrade or need a new plumbing replacement, we can help!
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Bathroom Faucet & Toilet Installation

Whether you have a broken, leaky faucet or toilet beyond repair, we can help you find a replacement. You may also be looking to upgrade to a new fixture to increase your home value and energy efficiency. Regardless the reason, we have the resources to help you choose the right fixture and the knowledge to effectively install it.

Bathroom Tub & Shower System Installation

When your shower or tub leaks around the sides and into your floors, our skilled installation plumbers will remove the old unit and correctly install your new fixture. Likewise, if you’re ready to upgrade to a spa-quality rain-head or body spray fixture with temperature controls, we have the technical skill to do the job. We’ll even haul away your old tub, so you don’t have to worry.

Kitchen Faucet & Sink Installation

Leaky kitchen faucets or sinks that leak on the counter and lower cabinets can cause costly warping and long-term rotting. Because these fixtures are fairly inexpensive replacements, homeowners turn to us for a quick and hassle-free upgrade.

Appliance Hook-Up

Our professional plumbers have the knowledge and experience to install new dishwashers, ice machines, and other new household appliances from every brand.

Garbage Disposal Installation

When it’s time to replace your old garbage disposal or install a new one in your kitchen for the first time, we only offer recommendations for lasting, high-quality products and installations that make cooking and cleanup more convenient.

Battery Backup System Installation

An effective sump pump installation will waterproof your basement and keep it mold free. However, like any machine in your home, your sump pump can eventually fail over the years. The best way to protect your home from sump pump failure and potential flooding is to hire a professional plumber. We can safely work around the electrical wiring and piping in order to install a battery backup pump system.

Get the most life out of your plumbing fixture upgrades by ensuring they’re installed properly!
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