Commercial Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Expert Installation and Maintenance Services

Commercial water heater repair and replacement requires an understanding of high-capacity water heaters. In addition to disruptions to the cooking, cleaning and heating of your building, a bad unit can also lead to leaks. Moreover, they can result in costly water damage and unsafe interior mold. Since you need to locate the problem fast, our trusted plumbers at Helton Plumbing have experience with the following types of commercial water heaters:

  • Tankless water heaters with high-heat capacity
  • High recovery hot water heaters
  • Lite-duty commercial water heaters
  • Hybrid water heater models

When your water heater is not working like it should, call our licensed plumbers. Whether it’s leaking or failing to supply hot water, we can determine whether you need commercial water heater repair and replacement.


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Signs of a Damaged Water Heater

Broken heating elements or tank corrosion could cause problems with your water supply. When you first notice the signs of damage, be sure to call our licensed plumbing professionals:

  • Rust and debris in your hot water
  • Grumbling sounds or loud banging when the unit runs
  • Standing water in the collection pan

Water Heater Installation

Not all commercial water heaters can be repaired. If you have a leaky tank, for example, you may need to replace it. Accordingly, we can help you make an educated choice between new conventional, tankless, and hybrid energy-efficient options.

  • Conventional: A large tank heats water using electricity or clean gas.
  • Tankless: Water heats fast and as needed to save both water and money.
  • Hybrid: A combined heat pump and water tank efficiently heats water and reduces costs.

If your building’s water heater needs repairs or replacement, our trusted plumbers can perform quality-guaranteed service to fix the problem and offer custom solutions.


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