Bathroom Remodel Plumbing

Expert Plumbers for Your Bathroom Renovation

It's best to hire a professional plumber for your bathroom remodel to ensure lasting results. Although bathroom renovations increase the value of your space through fixture upgrades and reconfiguration, it often means opening walls and rerouting pipes. More often than not, we will change the configuration of pipes and water flow hidden behind walls and under floors. Our skilled plumbers at Helton Plumbing are trained and certified to handle even the most complex bathroom remodeling projects to create an entirely new space.

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Bathroom Plumbing Remodels

Before your project begins, our remodel plumbers will design a plan for you and your contractor to use in the new space to include:

  • Designing a layout that works with additional or replacement fixtures
  • Installation plans for new fixtures and pipes
  • Plans to attach new fixtures and pipes to current water lines and sewer systems.

Once the project has begun, our knowledgeable plumbers can install any fixture:

  • Faucets
  • Rain Showerheads & Body Sprays
  • Shower Thermostats & Temperature Controls
  • Sinks & Vanities
  • Toilet Replacements
  • Thermostatic Valves & Volume Controls

Hire A Professional Plumber for Your Bathroom Remodel

Renovations are tempting to try on your own. However, bathroom remodels are more than just choosing cabinet colors, plumbing fixtures and tile. In fact, most remodeling projects require moving drain lines, installing luxury spa units and working within building codes to maintain your family’s health and safety. Reach out to Helton Plumbing for the highest quality workmanship at prices you can trust.

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